Educate your group about the issue of human trafficking.  

She Has A Name provides community education through a unique curriculum that addresses human trafficking education and awareness. We are a research-minded organization focused on being a resource to those combatting trafficking. 

Basic training includes the following:

Human Trafficking 101 | What is it? How and why does it happen?

Identify Problem Situations or Potential Victims | Where does it happen?

Responding to Human Trafficking | How can we best care for those affected?

Additional topics can be catered to specific audience needs, such as:

  • A healthcare worker’s response to human trafficking
  • Linked Evils | Human Trafficking and Drug Abuse in Ohio
  • A Biblical Framework for human trafficking | How faith communities can join the cause
  • Sex Trafficking 101
  • Ethical Purchasing and Labor Trafficking
  • Demand Reduction | Educating solicitors about the reality of prostitution and pornography

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