We Believe In You

Everyone can play a role in the abolition community. Whether you're a graphic designer, college student, or stay-at-home mom, we believe you have invaluable skills and resources to combat human trafficking in Central Ohio. Here are three tangible ways you can join the cause.  



In just a few years, She Has A Name has gone from a start-up event that brought awareness and funds to a robust ministry and resource in the community. Our work to empower survivors would not be possible without individuals like you who have chosen to generously invest in the abolition community.


She Has A Name provides community education through a unique curriculum that addresses human trafficking education and awareness. Training focuses on defining human trafficking, caring for those affected, and connecting with local initiatives. 

Buy a shirt

We partner with Hire Level Promotions  and Freeset USA to produce shirts to generate profit for anti-human trafficking efforts. We sell short and long-sleeved t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts. ** Note that shirts are shipped from Central Ohio weekly. Please allow 2-3 business days to receive your order.

I knew what I was put here on this earth to do. No longer could we be distant from the problem [of human trafficking]. She Has A Name had to be on the front lines, working with survivors, connecting dots, filling in the gaps.”
— Amy Byler Gingerich, She Has A Name Executive Director

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