The Survivor Journey

An Art Gallery

Host our mobile art gallery in your space. 

The Survivor Journey Art Gallery is a tangible way of raising awareness and educating your community on human trafficking. Our gallery is a nine piece mobile collaborative featuring local art pieces depicting a trafficking survivor’s journey toward restoration. Each piece tells a story and offers a glimpse into the life of a survivor. The gallery is completely mobile and offers a unique way to engage your community with human trafficking. 

We suggest a donation of $300 to bring the gallery to your space. Click here to process your donation. 

Expectations of She Has A Name: 

1. She Has A Name will supply the host with the following information electronically or ready for hanging at least 2-4 weeks before display opens. 

a. SHAN bio and mission

b. Descriptions of each piece

c. Signage language for marketing

d. Gallery brochures

2. She Has A Name will setup and tear down the display. 

Expectations of Host Group:

1. Host Group will display gallery for minimum of three weeks 

2. Host Group will offer two additional potential display partners


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