Knowledge is Empowerment

We are helpless in the face of such a far-reaching issue without first equipping ourselves with the information necessary to understand context. Here are just a few great resources we have discovered over the years. We know it isn't a complete list, and we appreciate all suggestions for additions!


For a brief introduction to the issue of human trafficking and how She Has A Name responds, view our e-book:


To learn more about shopping consciously, look through our ethical shopping guide:


Online Resources

Human Trafficking

Sex Trafficking

Demand Reduction

  • Demand Forum: An online resource bank with demand reduction materials
  • Demand Abolition: Research, information, and publications
  • Covenant Eyes: Anti-pornography software and resources from a Christian perspective
  • Fight the New Drug: Raising awareness on the harmful effects of pornography 
  • Men Against the Trafficking of Others: Through the use of media and an educational strategy directed at males, MATTOO exposes the reality of sex trafficking
  • Ohio Sex Addicts Anonymous : A fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other so they may overcome their sexual addiction and help others recover from sexual addiction or dependency
  • Counseling Resources: If you are concerned that you may be experiencing an addiction or depression, here are some potentially helpful resources 

Labor Trafficking, Fair Trade and Conscientious Consumers

Where can I find traffick-free goods?

The best place to start is Google, along with our Ethical Shopping Guide. While each industry has it's own certification standards, terms such as Fair Trade Certified, Global Organic Textile Standard, and a general transparency in the production and distribution of goods are positive indicators. Ethical goods don't exploit labor, animals, or the environment at any point in the supply chain. We have too many favorites to list all of them here, but if you'd like a few great vendors to get you started, check out great companies we follow on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Here's a great article written by one of our volunteers about her realization that her shopping choices were contributing to trafficking, and how she went about changing those habits. It's a great place to start on your journey to living consciously. 

National & International Organizations

  • International Justice Mission: A global network that connects with local justice systems to advocate for victims of violence
  • Free the Slaves: A growing global movement committed to ending human rights abuses
  • Free the Girls: Provides job opportunities to survivors of sex trafficking through second-hand clothing drives and sales
  • Stop Traffik: Preventing human trafficking through local abolitionist networks and global initiatives 
  • Exodus Cry: A Chirst-centered organization commited to abolishing slavery through prevention, intervention, and holistic restoration of trafficking victims
  • Global Centurion: Fighting modern slavery by focusing on demand


Movies & Documentaries