There is no single solution to such a complex issue.

In everything She Has A Name does, we guide our work through the following principles: empowering survivors, engaging communities and supporting and partnering with existing anti-human trafficking efforts. 

Since 2011, She Has A Name has been a community of Christ followers burdened for victims of human trafficking. It has been our objective to serve as a conduit for awareness, money, and volunteer resources to flow from the faith community to the abolitionist community. We position ourselves within our community as a resource on multiple levels. In relationships, in mentoring, in volunteer training and coordinating, we want to be an organization that secular and faith based organizations alike consider a safe and meaningful partner. 

As our awareness of the need grows, it compels us to widen our networks and engage as many people as possible. While one hand is reaching out to practitioners on the ground, our other hand is reaching out to the faith community. Our greatest joy comes when we see these two hands coming together, like puzzle pieces finding their match, to serve survivors.

Below are just a few of the organizations we have worked with over the years. We encourage you to find out more about them by visiting their web pages and contacting them directly. 

Organization Partners

 While working alongside practitioners, we witness both creative capacities to bring freedom to those in captivity and alarming rates of poor self-care, burnout, and unbalanced emotional distress. Rather than create another isolated organization trying to do it all, we feel called to come alongside and support existing efforts however we can. We celebrate and support the work of Columbus’ anti-trafficking community, while longing to see a better, more sustainable and comprehensive response.

Church Partnerships

We serve as a common vehicle for churches desiring to engage in anti-trafficking work and bring the conversation of how individual churches can meaningully impact the lives of survivors to the table.