Thank you for your interest in teaching your group about the issue of human trafficking.  

She Has A Name provides community education through a unique curriculum that addresses human trafficking education and awareness. We are a research-minded organization focused on being a resource to those combatting trafficking. 

Our goal is to raise awareness about the scope of human trafficking in Ohio. Through knowledge of what human trafficking is, we challenge participants to consider how they might apply their work and skills to join those spreading the word and caring for survivors in their community. We also want to provide outlets for students to become involved in our mission to see those affected by trafficking restored to society. Basic training includes the following:

Human Trafficking 101 | What is it? How and why does it happen?

Identify Problem Situations or Potential Victims | Where does it happen?

Responding to Human Trafficking | How can we best care for those affected?

Additional topics can be catered to specific audience needs, including:

  • A healthcare worker’s response to human trafficking
  • Linked Evils | Human Trafficking and Drug Abuse in Ohio
  • A Biblical Framework for human trafficking | How faith communities can join the cause
  • Sex Trafficking 101
  • Ethical Purchasing and Labor Trafficking
  • Demand Reduction | Educating solicitors about the reality of prostitution and pornography
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