Human Trafficking is a business. 

Forced labor in the private economy generates $150 billion in illegal profits per year, according to The International Labour Organization, with $99 billion of that coming directly from commercial sexual exploitation. Like any business, trafficking relies on the law of supply and demand. No national, scientific research exists on the factors that fuel the demand for sex trafficking, but some studies have explored the connection between issues like pornography and prostitution. Yet porn isn’t the only problem. In many ways, it’s a symptom of larger issues going on behind the scenes — especially for men who end up soliciting prostitutes.

She Has A Name has a heart for helping these men. We are an anti-trafficking organization that seeks to “to see all those impacted by human trafficking restored into society and thriving in their community.” That includes men who struggle with pornography, sex addiction and even soliciting prostitutes. We acknowledge the seriousness of their crimes, but we don’t exist to judge, and we know that the reasons men solicit are complex. Some men have told us that they don’t struggle at all with porn or sex addiction, but instead suffer from depression and loneliness. 

The only way to reduce demand is to address root issues.
— Christopher Stollar, Author of The Black Lens

That's why we have joined The John School, an all-day class taught by licensed counselors, survivors of sex trafficking and community members. It targets men who are first-time offenders in Central Ohio with no record of violence. The goal of this class and similar programs is to “decrease the demand for prostitution, and hence, reduce the amount of human trafficking and sexual exploitation that occurs,” according to the Ohio Department of Public Safety’s John Schools Report. As of 2013, 50 cities in the United States were operating some form of a john school — including four in Ohio. It's not about shame or guilt, but about healing and finding healthy community. Since 2016, over 200 men have completed the John School program. If you or a loved one struggles with misplaced love, lust, or loneliness, check out these resources.

Raise Awareness | Reduce Demand

If you’re interested in joining the fight against sex trafficking, here are three practical ways you can get involved:

  1. Drive a van The Salvation Army in Central Ohio uses male drivers for a nightly street outreach program that delivers gift bags to victims of sex trafficking on the streets of Columbus

  2. Deliver bars of soap Save Our Adolescents from Prostitution needs volunteers to help deliver bars of soap with The National Human Trafficking Hotline during major sporting events to local hotels that may have victims of sex trafficking

  3. Join a committee Central Ohio Rescue and Restore Coalition is looking for men to join its anti-trafficking committees, especially Demand Reduction

For more information, please contact She Has A Name Demand Reduction Coordinator Christopher Stollar. You can also contact former Franklin County Municipal Court Judge Scott VanDerKarr.